Choosing a Rat Cage: A Buyer’s Guide

If this is your first time to consider a small animal for a pet, make sure that you know much about the animal that you intend to buy. Keeping an animal, a small one that is, is not an easy task. Thus, you should never decide on impulse, or you might just end up with a lot of regrets or doing things that will later affect the health and wellness of your pet. Should you decide to have a rat for a pet, one of the things that you will need to consider is the right rat cage that will serve as a second home for your pet.

Rat Cage

Are You Ready to Have a Rat for a Pet?

A pet rat needs proper care and attention, just like any other pet. Thus, you need to be fully aware of what you soon-to-be-pet will need to keep it satisfied while under your care.

It is important to note that a rat is a highly sociable animal. If you want your soon-to-be-pet rat to be comfortable, especially during its first few days under your care, you need to make sure that you can give your pet the time and attention that it needs.

Remember that you will need some time to address your pet’s needs. You will also need to allot time to maintain its cage, at least once a week. If you plan to go on leave or be out of town, you will need to make sure that your pet will be in good hands. You should also familiarize yourself with your rat’s medical needs and if it is showing any signs of sickness, you need to make sure that it will be given the appropriate treatment by a professional.

Building An Appropriate Rat Cage For Your Pet

Your pet rat will need adequate space to roam around. Make sure that you build or find a good-sized best rat cage where your pet will feel comfortable spending its time resting, sleeping, or exploring its surrounding. Cramped cages are stressful environment for your rat, hence, you should not keep them in one of them. Doing so may result to a physical, emotional, and health problems to your pet later on.

Make sure that you place your pet’s cage indoors, however, as it will be easier to control the temperature, surrounding sound, and variable noises within the immediate surroundings if you do so. This will also ensure that your pet will be safe from any predator. It should also be a place where your pet can comfortably play with toys and other accessories that you have thoughtfully chosen for to be strategically place inside its new home.

The cage should also be covered and kept safe from any intruders and from the rats themselves. If there are openings in the cage, it will be small enough to prevent your pet from escaping. All edges and flat surfaces should be smooth and safe enough for your little friend to explore as well. (more…)

What to Look For In a Guinea Pig Bedding & Substrate

Keeping a cage clean and odor-free is a challenge most pet owners face on a daily basis. Aside from cleaning the cage regularly, the guinea pig bedding & substrate also plays a role in maintaining a clean and odor-free home for your pocket pets. Giving them a clean house will not only give them comfortable surface but will keep them away from unwanted diseases too. Here are some guides that you can use when finding the right bedding and substrate for your beloved guinea pig:

Guinea Pig Bedding

There are two commonly used types of guinea pig bedding & substrate: fleece-based bedding, paper-based bedding and wood bedding (which is not recommended).

  • Fleece Bedding- This type of bedding is the most expensive type but since it is washable and can be used for a long type, it will appear cheaper in the long run. If you enjoy decorating the cage of your little pet, this is the bedding type for you because it comes with a variety of colours and patterns that you can choose from.
  • Paper-Based Bedding- From the word itself- paper-based meaning it is made out of paper and cannot be washed. It will let you skip the washing part but it can get more expensive in the long run because you always need to buy one.
  • Wood Bedding- This type of bedding is made from shaved woods but the problem about this is there are some woods that are not safe for your guinea pigs so if you really want to make them more comfortable go for the first two.

 Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding

The use of fleece as guinea pig bedding is becoming more and more popular because of several reasons. If you want to give your guinea pigs treat aside from food, comfortable bedding is also a good idea.

  1. The colourful materials and patterns being used in fleece beddings makes it an instant favourite, its adorable and colourful and who wouldn’t want that?
  2. Fleece as blankets are super comfortable and we know that as humans so if you will give one for your pet, you know that they will very comfortable sleeping in it.
  3. Fleece bedding also makes great odor control because of its absorbent properties. It can hold fluids for a week and it can be washed unlike the paper-based making it cheaper in the long run.

Paper Bedding for Guinea pigs

If you hate washing and do not have time for that, go for the disposable one but if you are going to choose go for the paper-based bedding and not wood-based bedding. Paper-based bedding has also some good qualities to offer like:

  1. Absorbent and good odor control.
  2. Comfortable and Safe
  3. Customize your cage with the many colors available
  4. Safe for your guinea pig’s tiny feet

It might be a bit expensive in the long run but if you don’t have the time to wash and dry your bedding, paper-based will always be a good choice.

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