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Do I have a Fox Pen in my area?

There are many tell-tell signs that there may be an active fox pen in your area. First and foremost is the fencing around a property. Typical fox pens range anywhere from 20 acres to over 1000 acres. Many properties have field fencing to keep livestock in. There are drastic differences between field fencing and fox pen fencing. The comparison can be seen here:

Typical Field Fencing (NOT a fox pen) Fox Pen fencing (chain link with overhang)

Fox pen fencing is typically constructed with chain link and usually has an inward overhang about two-feet in length at a 45- to 90– degree. The height of most pens around 5- to 6-feet. Some fox pen fencing has a hotwire at the top of the fence in addition to the overhang or in place of the overhang altogether. The purpose of the overhang and/or hotwire is to keep the foxes and coyotes IN the enclosure.

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Google Map of Actual Fox Pen (Sandsifters)
Click here to view another Fox Pen | Another Fox Pen

Once you’ve determined that the fencing is similar to the fox pens above, you’ll want to look for “No Trespassing” signs typically posted along this fence line. Some pens even have signs on the outside stating that they are a fox pen and display it proudly.

Sounds of hounds running in a Fox Pen

If you live near an alleged fox pen, you will typically hear dogs barking and running throughout the weekend, usually early in the morning. Some pens, however, will run their dogs every day of the week at all hours. The main thing to note here is the activity at the pen. You’ll see numerous trucks with dog boxes going into the property to drop off their dogs.

Truck exiting the pen Truck with dog boxes entering pen

If you think that you have a fox pen in your area, use the form to the right and please contact us immediately! We will research the location and contact the wildlife agencies that are responsible for managing that area to determine our next course of action. It is important to document as many fox pens as possible as we move forward with our campaign in other states.

NOTE: If you happen to LIVE next to a fox pen and want it stopped, do what we did: take pictures, document the activity and notify your State’s wildlife agency. We would like to caution you to BE CAREFUL!

I found a Fox Pen!

Please enter your email address and name (if you would like a response) and as much information as you can about the fox pen you found. If you do not know the address, please enter the city and state and describe in as much detail possible, where the fox pen is located. Then click SEND EMAIL. Thank you!

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