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Humane Society - All Animals Magazine
November / December 2009 Issue

"No Escape: A Florida family fights to end the brutal practice of wildlife penning"
"... But within a few months, Tank knew something was terribly wrong. What she discovered turned her family into accidentalactivists, determined to stop a grisly blood sport in their state."

WEAR Channel 3 News (Pensacola)
August 13, 2009

"Training Dogs Using Live Animals: Sport or Inhumane?"
Using foxes and coyotes to train hunting dogs is legal in the state of Florida. But some people who live near a permitted fox pen in Holt say the practice is inhumane and the law should be changed.

Northwest Florida Daily News
August 19, 2009

"Fox pen shut down for illegal coyote possession"
The owner of a fox pen in Santa Rosa County has relinquished his permit voluntarily after state wildlife officers discovered he had unauthorized coyotes on his property.

Follow-up Story
February 18, 2010

"FWC shuts down fox pens in Florida"
"State wildlife officials temporarily banned fox and coyote penning Wednesday."

FOX 10 News (Mobile)
August 20, 2009

"Residents Upset Over Fox Pen"
A fox pen in Holt, Florida was voluntarily closed Monday. That's because authorities with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission said they found unauthorized coyotes on the land. However, nearby residents claim they've found much worse.

Follow-up Story
September 29, 2009

"Controversial Florida Fox Pen Shut Down"
"Santa Rosa County residents say they've witnessed animal cruelty right outside their back door."

Telemundo - Al Rojo Vivo
February 23, 2010

A recent news video on the National NBC-Telemundo detailing the practice of Fox Penning and that some believe it is abuse.

WEAR Channel 3 News (Pensacola)
March 17, 2010

Opponents of fox penning asked for help from the Okaloosa County Commission Tuesday, but they didn't get far.

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